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The Best Pizzeria in Daleville, VA

Welcome to Big Lick Pizza Kitchen, where hand-crafted pizza reigns supreme. We believe that great pizza comes from fresh ingredients and passion. It starts with hand-spun dough. This is the most important step, as the dough is the base for the rest of the pizza. Low-quality or poorly-handled dough will result in a subpar pie. We carefully knead and stretch the dough until it's just right. Next comes our homemade tomato sauce. Crafted from fresh tomatoes and our unique blend of herbs and spices, it's an experience like no other. Now, the rest is up to you. Mozzarella cheese and  basil make for a classic taste that exudes authenticity. Stack on the pepperoni for a fantastically filling flavor. We serve not only delicious pizza, but also down-to-earth Italian hospitality. Come on down and grab a pie!
Big Lick Pizza Kitchen strives to be the best pizzeria in Daleville and beyond. Our pizzas are only the beginning. You'll find the perfect comfort food to satisfy your craving. Sink your teeth into a juicy burger made from locally raised cattle and seasoned to perfection. Get messy with our house wings and choose from a wide selection of sweet, spicy, and savory dipping sauces. Whet your appetite with a plate of bacon cheese fries, or snack on our crispy beer-battered onion rings. Calorie-watchers will love our hummus platter and fresh salads. If you order from our menu, you've already won. Swing by our pizzeria between 4pm and 9pm, Tuesdays through Sundays to experience the pinnacle of pizzas, burgers, and more. Just one bite and you'll be a proud member of the Big Lick family!

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